• The Crew

    Our crew comes together once a year to celebrate a week of fun, friendship and serve you good times in Hochfügen.

  • The Athletes

    You, the Athletes bring all - together a great multinational and positive vibe to our home resort. Thank You!

  • Mountain Safety Crew

    Our Mountain Guides, Mountain Rescue, Resort Rescue and Doctors assure the best medical and safety support we can have

  • The Judges

    Aline Bock once drove 8 hours overnight from FWT Chamonix to Hochfügen, with a car full of judges. Without them, the comp would not have been possible. Thank you!

  • The Resort

    The Resort of Hochfügen and the warm-hearted people working there, have welcomed us to their home. We are so happy to be there. Thank you for your never ending support!

  • The Man of the Day

    Every season we give out the award ``man of the year`` to somebody who really earned it. From Dion our head judge who was with us from the beginning, to the resort preperation crew! Thank you everybody. You know who you are!